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November 26, 2011
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End Run: Amelia Kalili by Safayia End Run: Amelia Kalili by Safayia

I've had this app finished for a while now. I don't know why I never uploaded it. Probably because Willow hasn't evolved in-story, but I've posted her design to my dA so it's not like it's a big secret.
I'm working on this I promise ;a; I hate to leave you guys on a cliffhanger. I actually have a backlog of comics in my and am currently crawling through the multitude of pages. I haven't forgotten about this ;u;

SCAR CHART see also: BODY REF (partial nudity)

Name: Amelia Ketner Kalili
Age: 29
Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 112 lb.
Hometown/Region: Cinnabar Island| Kanto
Military Faction: Air Force
Dog Tag: DTKAF-171
Former Squadrons: 4th Fighter Squadron Uila’ula, 57th Three's a Crowd: Gingers don't have Souls
Extra items: Brother’s ID, sharpedo tooth necklace, dog tags, broken wailord necklace (given by Xander), coin necklace (given by Teddy), brother’s letter, machete, switchblade

Amelia is calm and quiet, unlike her rowdy brother. Even though she keeps to herself, she is very confident in her abilities and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty with a bit of hard work. As a child she loved to explore, but only when she had someone else to go with her. She loves to laugh, and would like to think of herself an impressive comedian when really she sucks at telling jokes. Amelia is also very active, and is a bit of a glutton in order to keep her energy up.

At least, that’s what Amelia was like before she swapped places with her brother. Now she’s a nervous wreck, always afraid someone will discover her secret. She is very cautious about every move she makes and stays as far away from others as possible. When confronted, Amelia has difficulty forming coherent sentences (and will often scream her words when startled). Amelia becomes even more frantic when flying or when in the vicinity of her Pokémon. More of her original personality begins to shine through when she gets comfortable around people, but even then there is still a degree of awkwardness to her actions. No matter the weather, Amelia always wears her wool jacket zipped up in order to better hide her . . . womanly curves.

Amelia comes from a large family. Her parents had 3 daughters and 5 sons, many of who are now grown up and having children of their own. Amelia was supposed to be the last child, but she ended up as a packed deal with her twin brother, Nathan. The two were especially close and did almost everything together. They spent much of their childhood exploring caves, searching for treasure, and constructing a raft to visit the Seafoam Islands (where the legendary Articuno was fabled to reside). As years went by, Nathan became bored with his small island home and began to foster dreams of flying far away with the wingull. When war broke out, Nathan quickly signed up for the Kanto air force, believing he would become a full-fledged war hero (and maybe meet a nice girl or two). Amelia feared she’d never see her brother again, that is, until a letter arrived a few months later. It turned out Nathan wasn’t ready for the hardships of war and was planning to desert. Wanting to protect her brother, Amelia volunteered to take his place. Amelia is now participating in the air force under Nathan’s name, and while she is better suited for the military than her brother, there are two major problems:

a) She’s afraid of heights
b) She’s afraid of Pokémon

Willow | Chandelure | Quirky Nature | Flame Body | Female

Willow is a mischievous little spirit who lived in a small abandoned cottage in the dark forests of Unova. She was later exorcised and captured to serve in Kanto’s military. Pokéballs can’t hold her, as they are new technology and she’s a ghost who can phase through solid objects. Despite being able to return home at any point in time, she prefers to stay with Amelia. After all, war offers several tasty souls to consume.

Willow is very curious of her surroundings and likes to investigate new areas thoroughly. She’s taken a shining to using a fishbowl, a cane, a hat, and an old blanket as an outfit, but often forgets they can’t phase through the wall with her (so Amelia usually has to lug her outfit around). She is playful with the other soldiers and their pokémon floating around camp. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) Willow is too weak to possess people, other pokémon, or heavy objects.

Out of all Amelia’s pokémon, Willow is the most independent, disappearing and reappearing to her ghostly heart’s content. Amazingly she’s always around right when she is needed, which leads Amelia to believe that Willow does not travel as far as she originally thought.

--| Ho-Oh | Bold Nature | Pressure | 0

A tale as old as time itself, a creature of unimaginable power who has searched the land for one pure of heart, has somehow ended up in the hands of Amelia. Ho-Oh does not act like much of a legend. She spends her idle time casually investigating whatever seems of interest, or consoling pokémon around the camp. Rather than escape, she remains firmly at Amelia’s side, and will listen to no one but her. Amelia seems surprisingly disinterested that at legendary is constantly following her about, and allows the bird to do whatever it wants. Even though Ho-Oh is genderless, Amelia calls it a she.

Ho-Oh takes on several smaller forms so that she can fit into various buildings.

After killing her former squad member (and former lover) in cold blood, and causing Akiko and Moana to be euthanized, Amelia has accepted that she is too far gone to even consider herself human. She released her remaining pokémon into the wild so that they had a chance at survival, even if it meant she no longer had their protection. Only Willow chose to stay behind, since she has no reason to fear death.

Amelia now owns one of the most powerful creatures in the world. Ho-Oh will only listen to Amelia, making her indispensable despite her deteriorating condition. She still clings to Xander, who continues to offer her moral support in the wake of these events. Amelia wonders how long he’ll hold out before he finally gives up on her.
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xXShiningstar Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Student General Artist
*HEAVY BREATHING* GOODS THINGS ARE HAPPENING TODAY! First the Hoenn remakes confirmed and now you're completing the last chapter of Amelia's story?!?! I AM SO EXCITED I THINK I'M GOING TO EXPLODE HNNNR- wait... but if I do then I won't be able to finish the story *holds everything back in*
But seriously oh my god I'm really excited for this- I was so disappointed you didn't make the finals, one- because Amelia's story was incredibly emotionally involved, two, you have such amazing art (wow; many art, so colour, very style, much tears) and thirdly because I was so involved with your story I was torn thinking it was never going to be completed... EXCEPT FOR NOW! 
Good luck with all your studies, I'm all hyped for your finalie so until then I'll be waiting in the shadows  *walks backwards into the darkness*
Safayia Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Hobbyist
Haha! I'm really glad that you're still excited to read Amelia's story after months of inactivity on it. I always had the intention of finishing it, but I needed a break from it during the summer, and was too busy with classes once they started up in August. I have a good 12 pages in my right now, and post updates on my tumblr sometimes. AND STILL SO FAR TO GO ADFHJGFKJHKDGFL

I can't promise the art will be to the same standards you're probably used to, but at least the story will be done! Thanks a bunch for being patient with me and reading my silly pokemon comic. You're comments were a joy to read every time I updated ;u;
Mad-Plot-Bunny Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student General Artist
I thought Endrun was over? So what's the point? (Sorry if that sounded rude, just curious)
But looking good though. 
Safayia Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist
Because I spent several months of my life churning out a comic that was one round away from completion. If I got kicked in R2, I probably wouldn't have bothered. But Amelia's story was cut at R6. There's not much of it left, so I might as well finish what I started.
I have everything all sketched out and squared away. It's just finding the time to ink and color things.
Mad-Plot-Bunny Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Okay. Good luck.
Mottenfest Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You still rp er somewhere? °○° whhhhere?
Safayia Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist
I don't RP ER so much anymore. Amelia's kind of stuck in one spot until the next round gets posted, so the only thing you'd get from an RP would be either her verbally abusing you or being indifferent to your presence. She's not very easy to RP right now, so I've essentially abandoned her RP blog :"D

I might set up an RP blog for Brynn once RoK opens up.
Mottenfest Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Waaaait there's more er happening? ?
Safayia Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist
Yeesss there is~ Me and Ra are trying to finish up our stories, so those'll be completed hopefully in the near future. I think there are a few other people like Elgie trying to get their final rounds up.

ER is still very much a thing, it's just happening very very slowly. As I said in the comments, I already have a handful of comics in my and several more to draw |D
Mottenfest Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh I thought someone won it back last year! XD
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